Established in 2007, the Village Montessori is a locally owned and operated family focused school.


Our Mission

We strive to develop the whole child and therefore, not only do we focus on achieving academic excellence but also promote a level of self esteem, co-operation with others and creativity.

We hold high the value of respect for one’s self, respect of others, as well as respect for the environment. Paramount to our program is our belief in the family as an integral component of the program and communication between school and home being essential to each child’s growth and success.

The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the periods from birth to the age of six.
— Maria Montessori

Our program

At The Village Montessori the teacher is referred to as the “Directress”. Their role is that of a facilitator, role model, demonstrator, and above all an observer. Children are free to work at their own pace, with materials that they have chosen – either alone or with others. The Directress will demonstrate the activity to either one child or a group, and then act as an observer. The children are grouped in multi-age, family like groupings. This gives younger children opportunities to learn from older children and older children also gain a great deal of confidence working with younger children.


Program Ages and Hours

Toddler Community   15 months - 2 ½ years

Casa Community      2 ½ years - 6 years

Monday through Friday
Program runs from 9:00am – 3:00pm
Extended care available from 7:30 am 5:30 pm



The Village Montessori accepts children from 15 months through to 6 years old. Admission will be granted on a first come first serve basis as space is available. Waiting list: Once your name is on our waiting list we will do our best to accommodate your needs and date required. However, being on this list does not confirm a start date. A start date can be confirmed only when space is available in the required class.

Please contact us for more information and to book a tour.



Both my girls went, it was the best decision I ever made. The program help develop them into independent girls with great base for school. The staff was amazing and my girls still get excited to see Mrs McMahon."

— M.V.S.

"I have always been so very impressed with how much heart and dedication Kim offers to her school!! Just amazing!"

— O.J.

"Our daughter began at Village Montessori at age 18 months, when all she would do is sit on a chair and observe what was going on around her. With the caring support and encouragement given to her by the amazing staff at Village, she flourished! She graduated from Village Montessori as a confident little girl in both her academics and social life. We just went to her first kindergarten interview, and was told she is being grouped in with the 2nd year students as she is already far surpassed first year expectations. We have the staff at Village Montessori, especially Ms. Christine and Ms. Malik, to thank for our daughter's great success!"

— Amanda Paulin


"All three of my children were lucky enough to experience the Village Montessori. Kim and her teachers went above and beyond everyday!"

— S.Z.

"Great school with wonderful staff who educate and empower young minds"

— R. J-A